Sth. about Zeng.

Zeng Fengxuan has been exploring the idea of the book as a conceptual construct, where the notion of the book becomes a fluid state that utilises memory, arguments, structure, and sequence to frame and advances art practices. This exploration of the book thinking paradigm coincides with the desire to discuss the connections & contradictions between cognitive biases and discourse among people. She mines and manipulates existing imagery, from her own oeuvre and personal experience—transforming and destabilizing relationships between objects and meanings. 

Zeng Fengxuan's works consist of installations, sculptures, artists' books and moving images as the primary media. Trying to use books as a pattern of thinking and not just a biological material to use in art making, she experiments with various forms and materials, the situation constructed by the invisible book is only the vehicle of the concept. It is as much about the book as it is about its content. 

The starting point for Zeng Fengxuan's work is usually emotional, intimate, and personal. Her family relationships depart from the depiction of them in traditional culture. Changing social circumstances and childhood transitions in different environments have sensitised Zeng Fengxuan to events, emotions and connections and triggered her artwork. However, this impulse was filtered out from the new mode of thinking and buried deep beneath the formalities of the work as the work progressed with rationality and analysis.

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